Top Ten Kate Rusby Songs

Anglophile or not, anyone who appreciates a little bit of the old-fashioned will love the music of Kate Rusby. With a sweet calming voice, Kate Rusby has spurred on a renewal of British folk music with the tender melodies and heartfelt lyrics of her many songs. Whether I’m in the mountains of Colorado or floating on the mellow waters of the Bahamas, Kate’s music has always been there to bring me to the green and glorious English fields. Most of her music is made up of story songs, transporting the listener to the land of castles and salty sailors and tragic romance.

image courtesy gregoryspawton via Wikimedia Commons

Here’s my list of the Top Ten Kate Rusby Songs:

10) William and Davy ~ A story about two brothers who do everything together, even falling in love with the same woman. (from the album Little Lights)

9) Elfin Knight ~ This song is based on a traditional Scottish ballad. (from the album The Girl Who Couldn’t Fly)

8) Radio Sweethearts ~ The melody of this song was written by John McCusker, fiddler extraordinaire. It’s the story of two lifelong lovers who take time to dance to the radio. (from the album Hourglass)

7) Polly ~ What could be more romantic? Polly falls in love with a sailor, who goes away to sea for more than seven years. When he comes back, she doesn’t recognize him until he reminds her of his promise to take her dancing on their wedding day. (from the album Underneath the Stars)

6) Botany Bay ~ This is an old song about the transportation days when English convicts were sent to Australia, thousands of miles away from their families.  (from the album Sleepless)

5) The Wild Goose ~ I love the accordion accompaniment on this one. Always reminds me of the sea at night with the moon casting a silver path across the midnight waves. (from the album Sleepless)

4) Sweet Bride ~ This is a beautiful story, with a great mix of fantasy, legend, and romance. (from the album Sleepless)

3) Withered & Died ~ Rather sad, yet beautiful and poetic. (from the album Little Lights)

2) Falling ~ Another sad song: “I’m endlessly knowing that you’ll never know, what I might want you to say.” (from the album Underneath the Stars)

1) The Sleepless Sailor ~ Listen to this as a lullaby, and even if you are miles from sea, the waves will lull you to sleep. (from the album Sleepless)

There are so many Kate Rusby songs, all of them gorgeous and worth a recommendation, and these are just ten of my favorites.


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  1. Pete

    I too love Kate along with many people on the folk scene here in England, including Jennifer Saunders of Ab Fab. I live not too far from her but haven’t met her yet. She is a lovely lady though. It shines through her in the documentary of her some years ago. As we say, a good Yorkshire lass:

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