Rest in Peace, Davy Jones

Today, Davy Jones passed away.

Known to the world as a member of that groovy band from the ’60s, The Monkees, Davy Jones was the voice behind “Daydream Believer”, “Valleri”, “Girl”, and “I Wanna Be Free”. Of The Monkees, he was the English one, the short one, the cute one, the one with those Groucho Marx eyebrows. He played the tambourine. He took Marcia Brady to the prom. The Monkees rivaled The Beatles for popularity, surprising for a band put together for the sake of a television show which only lasted two seasons.

I’ve enjoyed many an afternoon watching the old Monkees TV shows with my mom, who remembers the days their songs were brand new. The Monkees were always getting into some kind of scrape, usually with a girl; they were always singing; and they were always laughing and making us laugh. Davy Jones was always the one who got the girl, no doubt due to his British-accent advantage. I don’t know who Davy Jones was as a person; I only know him as a Monkee. And now he is gone. And so this is for our remembrance of him.



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2 responses to “Rest in Peace, Davy Jones

  1. Hi Rose.Thoroughly enjoy your blogs on my country.Keep it up.Sad,as you were, to hear of the sudden death of Davy Jones but as you’ve commented on only knowing Davy as a Monkee,Google the Manchester Evening News from Sat.3rd March as there was an interesting article about him.He was a Manc(Mancunian,a person from Manchester)who did himself proud.You’ll enjoy the article.’til next time,take care.

    • Thanks, Dave! So glad you enjoy reading my blog :) And thanks for mentioning the article – I enjoyed learning a bit more about Davy Jones’ background. I didn’t realize he was from Manchester – cool!

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