Father Brown and Great Expectations

The crackle of leaves at night … the breath of darkness … the hum of dreams awakening. Days have been long of late, and long in the coming. But pull through we will, we must. And though I live in the world’s “paradise”, I still find it a relief to escape to the misty bogs, the stone houses, the afternoon tea of England.

The book form of my latest Anglophile escape:

Father Brown stories by the renowned G.K. Chesterton. I’m really surprised how long it’s taken me to jump on the Chesterton wagon, and I’m glad I finally have. His witty words feel rather comforting in a embers-on-the-hearth kind of way. I confess his stories as stories aren’t as stimulating as I was expecting. When I think mystery, I think Agatha Christie. Father Brown is much more under the radar. I don’t feel shocked or excited when I read these stories, just amused, entertained, and mildly surprised.

On the screen front:

Masterpiece Theater on PBS is airing a new BBC edition of Great Expectations (by, of course, Charles Dickens). It is in two parts, and the first part is now available for viewing online at PBS. I really enjoyed this first part and wishing I could watch the second part tonight. I’ll have to wait until Sunday, but I am very impressed by this new version. The costumes – love them. The setting is gorgeous, that is, if you’re into barren wastelands covered in fog. The actors are good for the most part, though I can’t help but be annoyed by Miss Havisham’s tiny squeak for a voice. Overall, I recommend watching! But what’s this, yet another version with Helena Bonham Carter in the works? Sounds great to me.

Back to my palm trees for now…



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4 responses to “Father Brown and Great Expectations

  1. Hello Rose. I just saw that you subscribed to my blog so I had to stop by and see what you were about. I love, love England and yet I’ve never been there . I’ve read much of the history and always watch what is new on BBC when possible because I love there entertainment. I’ve read many a book written by British authors and as it happens, my best friend is from England. I will look forward to you blogs.

    Are you from Hawaii? you talk about palm trees and nice weather so I thought maybe.

  2. Hi Karen, sounds like we have a lot in common! I do live in Hawaii (not originally from here though). Very from from England! Thanks for your visit – I want to keep up with your blog too :)

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