Keane’s New Album – Strangeland

I don’t know about you, but British music just seems to be on a different level than most American pop music. Maybe it’s the accents… or the Beatles…

It was hot summer night in Philadelphia. The city lights blotted out the stars, and the colored noise coming out of the speakers clouded up the humid evening with pure neon summertime. Keane concert at the Mann, August 7, 2010. Great day, that was. To top it all off, Tom Chaplin sang a brand new song for the first time in public: “Disconnected”. It instantly became one of my favorites. Just last week, Keane released their new album, Strangeland, and “Disconnected” is on the list, as well as “Sovereign Light Cafe”. The album is filled out with plenty of new songs as well, my favorite so far being “The Starting Line”. It feels like Keane has returned to its classic piano rock sound in this album, which I love. So be sure to check it out – I recommend the Deluxe Version if you just can’t get enough of Keane like me :)



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2 responses to “Keane’s New Album – Strangeland

  1. I love the voice of this guy.Thanks for sharing the song.

  2. johnphil

    You should listen to Fionn Regan’s album “The end of history”. Im from the the countryside in south England and the album always conjures up images of folky old-fashioned Britain for me.

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