English Accent for Hire!

Just can’t get enough of listening to the Brits speak? Do you watch the BBC just to hear that impossibly posh accent? Now for a mere fifteen American dollars, you can actually hire someone to read a passage or poem with an English accent. Robert Charleston of oneloneenglishman.com puportedly offers his born-and-bred British voice to read whatever you want (of about 200 words), record it, and email you an mp3 file. If you prefer the female British voice, Robert’s sister Elspeth also offers her services for your listening pleasure.

Someone on Twitter recently pointed this website out to me. I have not tried this myself, so I can’t in all honesty recommend sending money in exchange for an English accent in your inbox. But it just goes to show you, Americans do love England! We are willing to pay money just for their accent! It seems a little ridiculous, but then again, they do have pretty great accents.

image courtesy alancleaver via Wikimedia Commons



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7 responses to “English Accent for Hire!

  1. It really is cool! I had him read an excerpt from the novel I’m writing and I’m using his vocal track in the book trailer I’m making for it. (which will be up on my blog by the end of next week should anyone care to see.)
    I think it sounds positively delicious. I’ve always had a thing for a good British accent. :)

  2. Recently an acquaintance related how her husband asked her to keep her swearing in Check while in traffic. She has the most wonderful British accent.
    While driving with husband and an important guest, the “F” word slipped out. But her accent made it sound so impressive that the guest could not help but say it was the first time he had heard the word said so beautifully.

  3. letterfrombritain

    Oh, heck, any of us will read it onto Audioboo for you free :-D Plenty of English accents in England!

  4. eddacker

    comment #2 has to do with me. Been in the UK for almost 10 years and still have the Californian accent I was born with. I do get some laughs saying garage or tomato. But that is just me. LOVE living on the island.

  5. I am English. Never ever thought about hiring my voice out. Silly me would have done it for nothing.

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