Yardley Advertisements from the 1960s

Looking over Yardley ads from the past century, I find it interesting that the British toiletry company has kept up with modern times while retaining its elegant and even sophisticated reputation. Some of my favorite Yardley ads are from the 1960s when Mod culture was high in Swinging London. The fashion trend that Yardley helped promote seems to have been full of hopefulness and a sense of security, which I find refreshing living in a time when emaciation and extremism seem predominant in fashion.

Twiggy was one of the most popular models of the time, and she started modeling for Yardley in 1967, advertising Twiggy eyelashes and paint.


photo courtesy ~ pictify.com

But Twiggy wasn’t the only face of Yardley. With the release of Romeo and Juliet in 1968, Olivia Hussey became the image of romance.


photo courtesy ~ pictify.com


photo courtesy ~ pictify.com


photo courtesy ~ Musings from Marilyn

Twiggy and Olivia Hussey are my favorite models from the ’60s… do you have any?


photo courtesy ~ pictify.com


photo courtesy ~ Carnabetian Army


photo courtesy ~ John Bull & Uncle Sam


photo courtesy ~ Hair and Makeup



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3 responses to “Yardley Advertisements from the 1960s

  1. Donna

    I just found your blog and am so hoping you will continue with it!
    ~Donna in Michigan

  2. When the “Face Slicker” campaign was popular, (late 1960’s as I recall) the them spokesmodel was Patsy Sullivan (daughter of actor Barry Sullivan). She went on to marry Jimmy Webb.

  3. alec.

    yardley good cosmetics.

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