Why Great Britain Is Great Infographic

There’s a reason why it’s called GREAT Britain: in my opinion, it should be called Fantastic Britain, but maybe I’m getting carried away. If you don’t believe me when I say there are millions of reasons to love the UK, then check out this awesome infographic from the CityBase Apartments blog. This lists only twenty reasons, but they’re some of the best! You can check out the original post here. Let me know in the comment section why YOU love Great Britain!

20 Reasons Why Great Britain Is Great

20 Reasons Why Great Britain Is Great

Original post on CityBase Apartments



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4 responses to “Why Great Britain Is Great Infographic

  1. I found your blog very interesting. I’m English myself, born in London but raised in Hastings (1066 Hastings, that town), and I find your perspective on British culture fascinating.

    Bearing in mind you are a reader of Oscar Wilde, do you remember ‘The Painting of Dorian Grey’ ?

    There was an episode of an old British sci-fi TV series based on it. The series was Blake’s 7. Search youtube for “Blake’s 7 season 4 episode 1”. The episode is called Rescue.

    There is even a character in it called Dorian.

    It’s cheap and tacky by American standards, but the characters in Blakes 7 are superb and the actors are very talented, especially Paul Darrow who plays the character ‘Avon’.

    I’ve no idea what you make of British TV, but Blakes 7 was the very best sci-fi, besides Doctor Who, of the old BBC era. The 70’s and 80’s Blakes 7 and Doctor Who are total classics.

    Best wishes,
    Seedy Jay.

    • Thanks for your comments! I do know of “Dorian Grey” but have yet to read that one. Sounds like an awesome tv show as well though. Thanks for the tip – I will check it out! I usually love British television!

      • Also, if you like fantasy novels, one great British writer is David Gemmell. I’m biased, as he lived in Hastings like me, but his novels are superb. Legend, Waylander and King Beyond The Gate are the first three to read.

        A unique style with “imperfect heroes”. Also he wrote “Wolf in Shadows”, “The Last Guardian” and “Bloodstone” which are Western style post modern dystopias with a touch of magic and a deeply flawed hero called “The Jerulalem Man”.

        I’ll stop preaching now, I’m a major fantasy enthusiast and an amateur writer when I get the muse.

      • These sound right up my alley! I love fantasy works by Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Neil Gaiman… Just need some time to read and I’ll get on it :)

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