Hello. My name is Cait West,* and I’m an Anglophile.

It all started when I was in elementary school, around the time I thought I was the next Annie Oakley and wore horrible bangs that started in the middle of my head. I wasn’t a tomboy exactly; I just lacked a little … grace. Then I discovered something amazing called English history and a certain incredible lady named Elizabeth I. It was all over for me after that. I ditched the whole pink cowgirl boots thing (eventually) and decided that a British princess was the epitome of a childhood hero. I got anglophiled.

I remember my mother (the classic movie buff) introducing me to Sherlock Holmes, as played by Basil Rathbone; to the elegance of Audrey Hepburn; to the really old version of Pride and Prejudice (you know, the one with Greer Garson and those hideous costumes). I used to wander around the house singing songs from My Fair Lady in an accent I tried to perfect by listening to my cassette tape of the soundtrack.

Over the years, I became more of a serious reader and got my hands on some Shakespeare and Dickens. I devoured the novels of Jane Austen in high school and almost cried when I ran out. These days, I’ve been reading up on Elizabeth Gaskell, P.G. Wodehouse, and my latest treasure, Kazuo Ishiguro. I’ve also come to the realization that the Brits have a wonderful talent for music, and I fill the air with Keane and Kate Rusby.

In my long and flourishing career as an escapist, England has become one of my favorite places to escape to. Although I’ve never actually set foot in the United Kingdom, I feel as if a part of me is at home there. The whole English world has become a second reality to me, a place of daydreams. Dear England, I love you.

Please email me at caitwestwrites@gmail.com for book or film review proposals. To read more of my work, check out my author site.

*Formerly known as Rose West (not the famous one) (it’s a long story).

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  1. fatima

    Hi Rose,
    I’ve just discovered your blog and it’s brilliant!! I’m also an Anglophile at heart, I love everything that comes from the UK, the truth is I’m in love with the music, pictures, countryside, books, accents, London…I’m Spanish and like you I’ve never set foot in this wonderful country, but hoping to do so quite soon!! Just would like to encourage you to keep on writing such great blog. Lots of luck,

    • Hi Fatima,
      So glad you enjoy it! It’s always lovely to hear from my fellow Anglophiles :) Thanks for the encouragement – I intend to keep up the blog whenever I have the spare time – there’s always more to love about England!
      Cheers, Rose

      • Andrew Alford

        Hi, Im an Englishman. my name is Andrew and I stumbled upon this website by accident whilst researching George Washigntons English heritage. I just wanted to say that as an Englishman with pure English heritage (well at least from the 1300’s anyway) Im flattered by all of your comments about us as anation, Its entirely mutual you know!. I would be happy to answer any questions or provide you with any information or stories about us :)

  2. Hi Rose, I am an English-woman through and through, and am blessed to live in England. I just came across your blog as I will be entertaining some friends from America over the next couple of weeks and was interested to read an American’s view of England :) I will have to let you know what they think after their visit, to see if it meets up with your expectations ;) Lovely blog.

  3. Hi Diana, it’s a pleasure to hear from you :) You are very blessed to live in such a beautiful country! I hope to make like your American friends and visit someday too. I’m sure they’ll have a lovely time! Thanks for reading!

  4. Karla

    Rose, I am so happy to find your blog. My love affair with all things British started at age 15 after reading Jane Eyre. Years later a friend and I biked throughout England. Now I read writers from Jane Austen to Ian McEwan. (I am reading London, an Autobiography, also) and BBC period dramas on PBS.

    I look forward to reading more here.


  5. Hi Karla, thanks for stopping by! Jane Eyre is a lovely book! And biking through England? Sounds like such a fun vacation! The world of “Englishness” has so much to offer, doesn’t it? I think we have a lot in common, and I hope you come by again!

  6. Tom Lewis

    Hello Rose (might I start by complimenting your beautiful name! Rose West, has a rather charming ring to it to say the least!) I read on several on your pages the odd comment alone the lines of “Im sure they dont do its quite like that anymore” and Im sad to admit its true, BUT! Do not fear, for the world of Jane Austen novels does still exist. Most travellers to Britain visit London -great city, amazing history, but quintessentially English… no- what I say time and time again, if you want English England, go to the West country, or somewhere likewise still rather secluded and left in its beauty. For in these places you can order a cream tea and get a proper cream tea! Chips are by the pier, steam railways running along the coast, accents that are globalised, and landscapes not covered in tarmac and concrete.

  7. Hi Tom, you flatter me :) When I get to England, I’ll definitely try to discover some of those secluded places and order a cream tea! It’s always good to hear that my imagination isn’t completely delusional – I know these places exist somewhere!

  8. anievan

    Ah, a kindred spirit! Glad to have happened upon your blog. Hope you get to England sometime soon. I’m an American who loves things British, too, even though I’m sure I’m ignorant on a lot of points. It’s so fun to find others with a similar affinity.

  9. Will

    Hi Rose,
    We have a convicted serial killer named Rose West over hear in the UK (currently serving a full-life term for 10 child murders). No connection i’m sure, but just thought i’d mention it as it should be on the ‘Top 15 Reasons Not To Love England).

    • Hi Will, you’re absolutely right – there is no connection whatsoever! Complete coincidence that we have the same name.

    • Michael Garfield

      Will, you are a fool. A serial killer has nothing to do with the country some lunatic inhabits. Name me one country that doesn’t have its share of loonies? England is England, and it is defined by itself. I love it without end. Then again I’m a dying breed these days – an Englishman who’s proud of the fact and loves England unreservedly, and sees no reason to sneer at his own country. Rose, there are many beautiful places in England. Cornwall is part of what is known as the ‘West Country’, which is usually collectively defined as the counties of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset. My personal favourite being Devon, though the others are beautiful too. Of course, our Beautiful places aren’t just confined to that corner of England. There is also the magnificent landscape of the English Lake District, located in the north western county of Cumbria. In fact, all the counties of England have their own particular beauty and character – the list of which is too long to mention here. We have our less pleasant towns and cities of course, but who hasn’t? A word of warning though. Try not to rely on TV shows to give you a true picture of the English, their way of life, etc. Things like Downton Abbey and the like refer to a lifestyle only enjoyed by an elite few, and is long gone. I love this country like you wouldn’t imagine, but it’s a love that is born out of the full sense of the reality of how England really is, and not the historical theme park some seem to think it is. To really know England and its people you have to experience them and it first hand. No movie or TV show will ever do that for you – themselves only painting a rather narrow view of England, which would have people believe we all speak with posh, clipped English accents while living on our country estates, etc. When you finally make it over here, Rose, take time to speak to the real people of England – the real salt of the earth types.

      P.S. H.E. Bates is another English writer you should add to your list of English authors.

  10. Hi Rose,
    My husband stumbled upon your blog and passed it on to me. He saw some similarities and thought I should read it. I love it! I’m American from Los Angeles, with Spanish parents, but I fell in love with England through literature and film as well. 12 years ago next week, I packed up and moved here. First to Chorley in Lancashire, then to Altrincham in Cheshire and now in the Southwest in Bristol. Its truley a magical place. Even after 12 years I feel like I’m on a holiday, and pinch myself often. I hope one day you’ll come over for a visit. All the best, Karen


    Dear Rose

    Your daydreams and love for England is lovely. As a born and bred English woman I sometimes fail to appreciate what a beautiful country I live in. I do all the things an English female are supposed to do: ie, drink tea (maybe too much) Take walks in the country and daydream about living the Downton Abbey lifestyle. But I’ve never even picked up a Jane Austen or Dickens book in my life.

    I enjoy reading your blogs. They make me feel all warm and homely (ok, and maybe a little bit smug)!

    I’m hoping to get to the great U.S of A someday but until then, I can always daydream, can’t I?

    Bye from an English girl. X

  12. Geeta Nair

    Hi Rose.

    Enjoyed reading your blog!!!

    It all started for me when my Dad read the Forbes Rich list listing the Queen of England as the richest woman in the world.when I was 7. I am from India. This obsession is not appreciated by most Indians. My family and best friend often laugh and tease me for my obsession but they bear with it. I listen to BBC for the accent, watch British period dramas and try to watch all British films. I completely agree with the last para above regarding escaping. I have never visited Britain. I am scared of visiting as I feel that the England of my dreams will be far different in reality

    • Hi Geeta, It sounds like you and I have a lot in common! I too worry about visiting someday, but I think England really is an awesome place, if not as ideal as our imaginations would make it out to be.

  13. Hi, just discovered your blog. I am an English teaching looking to inspire my students and get them passionate about English and England. Thanks!

  14. Stef

    Until now, I didn’t even know there was a word for someone that loves England…I told my mum and she didn’t even believe there was such a word! It’s funny how someone views your country, when you grow up here, your used to everything and day dream about other countries! It’s true, most of the English are always wanting to leave for America!

  15. Alexandra

    Hello Roseofthewest i Love Great britain sooo much. Ilikethe countrys and Love the People . I will Write you in the future but i cant found your Mail address …. You have a adress for me?

    Greats alexa

  16. Hello

    Oh my goodness, this is so amazing! I love England so much it hurts sometimes. The BBC is life (SHERLOCK!!! DR. WHO!!! MERLIN!!!). Tea is everything. London is my true home.
    Oh England. How did you get to be so wonderful!?!

  17. Emma.UK

    Hello Rose :) I bumped into your blog, it is extraordinary :) I’m pretty much like you, I fell in love with England as soon as I started studying english at primary school… I couldn’t help it! Our minds are so alike… I do think a part (a very large one) of me is at peace when in England… Congrats on this blog.. it is great ;)

  18. Hi Rose,
    I adore my Country (England), I couldn’t be prouder of its history and people. It was such a pleasure to stumble upon your blog. I work as a Graphic designer in a little town in the south coast of West Sussex. I’m about to create an informational Graphic for my company’s website entitled ‘What makes Great Britain, Great’. I’d be hugely grateful if you could email me some of your favorite reasons for your passion of England and I’ll be sure to quote you as source.
    Kindest regards,


  19. Yvette Chandler

    Hi Rose,
    As a non-Brit who has lived in England and would like to visit there again, I absolutely understand your love for England! Your blog looks fascinating! :)

  20. Aylea

    Hi. I am from right in the center of America. I hate it. I don’t feel accepted and I feel trapped. I am super nerdy and i love to read and write. Someday, I would like to be a writer. None of my friends and family support the fact that I want to move to Britain and go to college there in a few years. Is Britain right for me? I really want to live there when I’m older and always have. Help.

  21. Oli

    Hey Rose!

    I stumbled across this blog, and I have to say… I love what you have written!! It’s so nice to see what Americans think of my country, even more so when they say positive things about it! I hope you do visit one day and see it for yourself. Don’t keep your expectations high though, you might get a nasty surprise ;). But anyway, nice to see a foreigner seeing Britain as a nice place!

    I admit I am a tea-lover (how typical), but you’d be surprised how many of us actually hate it. And do a lot of Americans actually watch the BBC??? I thought no one cared about British television!

    So anyway, I love your blog and I will keep returning to it to see what else you think of this county. I quite enjoy reading through what you discover! My advice if you ever get to live here: find a quiet place out in the country but near to a town. The scenery is great! It is the best place to live when living in Britain.

    A Brit :)x

  22. Hello Rose, do you feature anglophile art work on your blog?

  23. Deana

    Hi Rose, I hope you’re well. I obviously saw your site and think it’s great! I represent PBS and Masterpiece and wanted to see if you would be interested in possibly reviewing a couple of upcoming Masterpiece DVDs on your site, also sorry for having to leave a comment, I couldn’t find a contact form.
    Please let me know if you would be interested – we have the upcoming Poldark which is totally up your alley!

  24. Nora

    Dear Rose,
    What a wonderful name you have!!
    Your blog is fantastic, i share your passion for England even though I’m French ( the supposed “ennemy”! ;) ) and lived there for 2 years ( London and Canterbury ). I really hope you could travel there soon as it is such a marvellous country! Best landscapes, history, architecture, dramatic weather ( love it), people, theatre ( I studied drama there), books, music and so on!
    I would advise you to come for Christmas because the atmosphere is then so magical!!
    Keep writing here so we can daydream together! :)

  25. Thierry QUENETTE

    Dear Rose,
    It’s a total pleasure to find somebody who share my tatses about England . I am French, living in North of France . I spent all my chillhood in Calais (France) just in front of the whire cliffs of Dover .Yes, people like us found a total peace when we are in contact with English culture or people . I got the luck to visit England many times, and I just want to tell you : make your dream coming true and go to England . Had you read “84 Charring Cross Road” ?In this book the author says : Never mind what you expect to find when you will come in England, you will find it” . And it’s true , this proud clever people keep the best of their heritage alive, and lucky are the ones who could share it . Remember :”Make your dream come true, please” . Thierry a French anglophile

  26. Student

    Hello, I am from London and your blog is so cute. I hope you visit one day and get a warm welcome and see all our wonderful sights.

    Much love

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