Top 15 Reasons Why Americans Love England ~ where it all started

Hubpages ~ my article website

Pointless Paradise ~ my blog about life in Hawaii


6 responses to “Links

  1. Avery

    Hello Rose. I’m a student journalist at Indiana University. I’m writing a story about American’s fascination with British culture, and I think you would fit perfectly with this story idea. I would love to have the chance to speak with you, so I’m inquiring about contact information.

  2. Pete

    I have been through almost the whole site and have not seen a photo or mention of a VERY English event held every year. I speak of Royal Ascot!

  3. Pete

    Anyone wishing ti view the Yorkshire Daled should watch this. Along with a song and lyrics from the lovely Yorkshire lady, Kate Rusby:

  4. Jill Cummings

    Fantastic site!If any Anglophiles enjoy a rich English voice then check out my equally-elderly sister’s discovery.Professor Bear reading romantic poetry on Soundcloud.This gentleman’s voice is the missing link between David Attenborough and James Mason.I think you’ll like him.

  5. Michael Garfield

    Here’s a link that might prove useful:

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