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British Win Golden Globes

I only saw a bit of the Golden Globes, but one thing that struck me was the amount of British acting talent, as usual. Most notably, Kate Winslet winning Best Actress for a mini-series, for her role as Mildred Pierce, and Downton Abbey (of course!) for Best Mini-Series.


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Rosehill Cottage from “The Holiday”

One thing about Christmas break: you can watch sappy romantic comedies in the middle of the day and get away with it. One afternoon last week, my mom and I watched “The Holiday” for the first time. The movie has a lovely concept really: two people desperate to get away trade houses for the Christmas holiday. Best part is, one of the houses is a romantic stone cottage tucked away in the English countryside of Surrey. Why Cameron Diaz, and not me, had to be the one to get it, is beyond my belief in the justice of the world. At any rate, my Anglophile sensibilities were all awake at the sight of the quaint Rosehill Cottage and its idyllic little town.

Kate Winslet gets to live there. At least, in the movie. According to reality, and much to my dismay, Rosehill Cottage isn’t real. The exterior was a quick temporary construction. I believe the interior shots were simply sets. Still, one can still dream about the open fireplaces, the stone walls, the slightly sagging roof, the climbing ivy. And inside looks comfortable and cozy. Just look at the library:

And the kitchen:

And the living room:

And the tiny bathroom:

Yes, I definitely could live there. The town seems quite lovely-old as well:

So who knows, maybe this idea of swapping houses with someone in England isn’t such a bad idea after all. Next Christmas? Maybe?


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Brits Take Home the Emmys

Congratulations to the British winners of the 63rd Emmy Awards! Having aired on PBS, the British show Downton Abbey became eligible for the Emmys, taking home a total of four awards. Brian Percival, of North & South fame, received the award for his Outstanding Directing. Julian Fellowes, who was the screenwriter for The Young Victoria, took away the award for screenwriting. The ineffable Maggie Smith won an Emmy for her role as the Dowager Countess of Grantham. As a whole, Downton Abbey was honored with the Emmy for Outstanding Miniseries.

Kate Winslet, everyone’s favorite English actress, was awarded an Emmy for her portrayal of Mildred Pierce on HBO.

image courtesy Maggie via Wikimedia Commons

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